Recycle Household Waste In Your Garden

Some items you might otherwise put in your recycling bin, or garbage, can be used in your garden.

Flat pieces can be used as a weed barrier. Cover with a layer of mulch.

Yogurt Cups/K-cups
These plastic cups are a good size for starting seeds. Punch a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Coffee grounds
Sprinkle in the garden to keep cats out, or mix with your compost to add nitrogen.

2-Liter bottles
Cut off top to put over plants in the early spring to protect them from cold. Leave the lid on at night and remove at least the lid during the day.

Flip over the top part of the bottle and place in the bottom to create a self-watering planter for larger seedlings. Instructions

Smaller bottles with lids can be placed in large pots or window boxes to reduce weight and amount of potting soil required.

If you can manage to break only the end of the eggshell when opening it – or blow out the egg contents – it can be used to grow seedlings. Just break the bottom when planting.

If you have broken eggshells, they can be placed around plants to help keep away slugs, or mixed in the soil to add calcium.

Cardboard egg cartons can also be used for starting plants. Since they are biodegradable, they can be separated and planted right in the garden.

Use in the bottom of large pots to help fill up space and add drainage without adding weight and wasting potting soil. Any type can be used as long as it doesn’t block the water from draining.