Salt & Vinegar on Weeds? Not Recommended!

If you use social media, you may have seen a suggestion to use epsom (or table) salt, vinegar and dish soap as a “natural” alternative to weed killer.

First of all, EVERYTHING is made of chemicals. Just because the names are more familiar does not automatically make them safer or better.

Household vinegar is 5% acetic acid. This will turn the top leaves, etc. brown. But it does not travel to the root, so the plant will grow back. Horticultural vinegar is much stronger, but will kill anything it comes in contact with and can blister your skin and eyes.

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, two chemicals that are used to make plants GROW, not go away. Table salt has sodium, which will poison your soil. It will not break down any further. This can prevent ANYTHING from growing. It could also be washed into the lake or other waterways here at Lake Summerset.

The soap in the recipes is to make the solution cling to the plants. But it can also cause plant burn.

For more details, see this article at Southern Living. And avoid using the above recipe!